Break The Frame [Intro] lyrics


Quality Control, City Girls & Stefflon Don


My name ring bells like ring-a-ling; they mad even when I don't sing a thing
Say I'm a man, 'cause I dress tomboy; well, go ahead, suck my ding-a-ling
If not, then, b*tch, get lost; I ain't here just to get you off
I'm droppin' somethin' heavy, like I just lifted Ricky Ross

I'm this-that; white trash
Been hearin' all this riff-raff, been hearin' all this chit-chat
I've been workin', while you sit back
I don't give a damn where your head's at, like what you sayin', so step back
You really think I'm sittin' here, cryin' like, "I can't believe that they said."

Yo, hell no
Get a grip, that sh*t don't phase me a little bit
G-E-T-G-O-N-E; that's "get gone" if you illiterate
'Cause I ain't got no time, I'm always on my grind
My resume' speaks for itself; I could make it as a mime

Uh, okay; you used to blow me off
Then, that changed; you wanna' know me, ha

Mad, 'cause now I'm comin' up
You ain't with me, bro; you dumb as f*ck
I can't help that I'm hot right now; you water down, you rub it up
I'm the sh*t; bubble guts
I make 'em jump; double dutch
I stay 50 plus 50, yo; go ahead, sum it up

No chill, benzos; that's my MO
Industry won't let me in, no love; friend zone
I'm just doin' me, I'm out here tryin' to make a name
If you try to put me in a box, I'm bound to break the frame
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