"Exposing Remix"

It's 3M my n*gga, you already know what time it is my n*gga
n*ggas wanted me on my bullsh*t
Ah, so free the dawgs and the demons man
f*cks wrong with them, man, we don't net bang

[Verse 1]
Opps are talking sh*t up on the 'gram like the other day
Man, my shooters lurking for his ass right by his mother's place
On the gang, man that pus*y lucky if he sees another day
Real n*gga, i'm the type to make sure my brother straight
Like are you gonna spray?
Talking on the 'gram but see the kid and look the other way
Boy your just a rapper, stop the capping, man you losing it
Now we hit up name brands, why the opps are shooting kids?
Two whips, me and AR sliding got the same drop
Same opp, pull up with some FM's holding thirty, make the place hot
These n*ggas are telling, they ain't solid, always name drop
Screaming free the opps, shooters praying that the case drop
So free cuzz 'cause they got him on a murder case
b*tch we really with it, flipping sh*t just like a burger place
Sliding with the Malis, turning up the city murder rate
I can't lose my life that's my they got me on a burner case
Got a tracker on the whip just like it's bluetooth
Mobbing with the demons, screaming free my n*gga TwoTwo
Hustle like i'm Nipsey when i'm flexing on this new new
Four-o sliding, we ain't dipping on no two two
Boy you ain't no shooter, quit the capping, watch your body count
Malis catching bodies, take a trip right back to Mali town
Drop my youngins in your hood, bet they know what's [intelligible]
Plus I f*cked your BM, now we call you Mr. Save a Ho

The f*cks wrong with them man?
Deejay dawg yo, spin that sh*t back

[Verse 2]
Gangster on the mic but you a b*tch in reality
And we know your block inside and out just like geographic
That n*gga in the air, we popping bottles it's a light show
Man he got caught slipping [intelligible] ice so
Had that pus*y n*gga dancing like he was Michael
Jackson, swear to God he's acting
Funny like Blackson
Beg them, stop the capping
Exposing these rappers that tell my story when they rapping
Trapping, just incase the rap sh*t doesn't happen

Just incase this rap sh*t doesn't happen man
Free the dawgs and the demons man
R.I.P the real
Exposing these fugazzi ass n*ggas man
We some trap stars man
Keep counting, keep counting, f*ck man

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