NATO lyrics



I'm seating the n*gga like Bernie
Look at my monthly like earnings
Haven't you n*ggas been learning
This is the kitchen i'm serving
I spin through his block like a nado (Tornado)
I'm sending him shots like their Nato
This is the party, the raid bro
n*gga we barely the same ho
I'm pullin the trigger no safety
I'm zippin the lock like a hefty
You n*ggas are sour like lemons they zesty
Keep with the talkin this sh*t could get messy
I'm kickin these n*ggas like Messi
I'm killin you off and i'm f*ckin the besty
Jiggly puff down b i'm killing by rеsting
I'm sending your thot the messagеs by texting
You know we are sexting uh
She sucking my di*k cause she necking uh
She down on her knees cause she begging uh
I spit in her mouth like a bird that is nesting aye
We stay with the texting aye
Yugi my cards cause i'm wrecking aye
I'm mashing a button like pressing A
My music on non stop by pressing play
You n*ggas are fake you are phonys
Just like the meat you bolognie
Call you a witch I am stoning
I know it has been like a while
I'm burning the n*gga like salem witch trials
I step on a n*gga like tiles
I'm fake with emotions I call it my smile
I'm sh*ttin on n*ggas like piles

sh*ttin on you b*tches
Got myself a succubus
While you pus*y smell just like fishes
Sticks, kali to the face
Put a dumb b*tch in they place
Totin a Baretta while you walkin wit some mace
b*tch f*ck you
b*tch f*ck you
f*ck you
Xelis may be hurt but you won’t see that point of view
Dismembered in my trunk f*ck with any from my crew
Family members dumb luck, what’s a psycho path to do
b*tch, I’m crazy
No relating
Phasing through sanding
Break the 4th wall
No barriers
No caving
Called spelunking you dumb b*tch
Can’t even spell that I bet
If you step to me expect a stomp
808’s bang like I’m bussin on yo moms
Sus when you run when they shuttin down comms
Pistolgrip moss with the power of a bomb, b*tch, bang

[Oni Inc]
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