Curb Stomp A Busta lyrics


Undead Ronin

IT’s that evil motherf*cker
You don’t wanna f*ck with
I’m on a level of my own sh*t
b*tch I break the function
I bring this Phonk like 1990
Spitting fire like Hanzo
You busta motherf*ckers talking sh*t
But you ain’t on this wave
You riding biting talking sh*t
But ain’t nobody notice
You step to me get face to face
No problem busting yo lip
You talking big like you man
And You ain't sh*t But a flea
b*tch I been writing
And rapping these tracks
Since you were p*ssing the sheets
You wanna talk about my rape
Like it’s some sort of weakness
b*tch if i catch you in the street
You better pray for difference hoe
I ain’t holding back a bit
I’ll stomp to teeth in on the curb
f*cking with the shadow puppet
I’ll string you up and gut you like a pig

All these pussies acting like they wanna throw these f*ckin hands
Send em my address and tell em roll up
Oh wait b*tch you can’t
If you wanna talk about my flow
b*tch I been better than you
Everytime I get up on a track I kill it
Never going all out on a song
You know I’m better than that
You won’t even take the time to rhyme
Some sh*t and focus on your craft
You would be better than me
But I doubt it pussies never f*ckin bout it
Running all that lip
These motherf*ckers got no bite
It’s necro sh*t for all my life
We got that magick Kult
And we gon take yo life
I got the blade and
I’m about to slice yo f*cking face
And spit
You boutta dip
Shadowmane coming for blood in the pit
Boutta get tossed in a grave
Cellophane no blood on my hands
Boutta get away clean
I’m that leader of the new wave
Necro sh*t I’m waking demons
f*ckhead hoes so dense
They mock me thinkin all about me
Maybe hop up off my di*k
And make some sh*t without being a copy
You stupid b*tches make me laugh
I’ll eat you with some coffee
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