Drummy lyrics


4K [docta zay]

Big Docta

I'm tired of these n*ggas thinking they the sh*t
I don’t see a single pic of the ice on they wrist
I’m like Santa I keep a list
Check it once check it twice I oversee sh*t
Real boss with a attitude
I ignore n*ggas like a alley Oop
If you don’t wanna be used why you act like a tool
All of a sudden they mad at me now they mad at you
And I keep a bag for the little boys
I have big guns I don’t play with little toys
I’m from NC but my beats from Detroit
Shush don’t make no noise
Big Docta I flex on a hater
I f*cking ball on them like a laker
They can’t attack cause thеy know I’m the maker
Gimme a pеn cause I’m about my paper
I’m a beast they can’t drip like this
Silento they can’t whip like this
Ella Mai, they trip like this
They a shirt I rip like this
They trip every time I do the money dance
Every time I spit I get a hundred bands
Ain’t no tripping I be jamming
Run before I make you do the running man
Yea demon I f*ck with real killers
And I hang with dem gorillas
Yea I’m on my money standing tall
Sliding on your block better give 12 a call
They only hating cause I’m fine fine
You a nickel I’m a dime dime
Or more like cheap beer and I’m fine wine
Eating sh*t up n*gga it’s dime time
Don’t play me I’m a real killa
Nah cause I’m a real dealer
I’m a real n*gga who realer
I’m out this b*tch like a tortilla
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