Veteran* lyrics


Quelly Woo

[?] maneuver
n*ggas be chattin' like they really do it
I know some n*ggas that already did it
And some of them n*ggas ain't livin'
That's why n*ggas be in their feelings
I only push P when I'm tryin' to park
If I get the drop, then I'm gettin' involved
I'm tryin' my best not to spin on my car
If I see a opp, then I'm lettin' it spark, uh
I'm back in my feelings
But that's nothin' to mention
I'm back in my feelings
I got nothin' but vengence
n*ggas see me and they think I'm their villain
I walked on your block, let it go from a distance
[?] money [?]
n*ggas be talkin', that sh*t gon' be added up
We weren't ready, we [?] n*ggas [?]
You could get shots like Frank Gallagher
I'm tryna lеave n*ggas stiff like a mannequin
Thеm n*ggas pus*y, they [?] like the pelicans
I'm spinnin' with pressure on top of the medicine
We gettin' money, it's like I inherited
Y'all n*ggas rookies, you know I'm the veteran

[?: Quelly Woo]
Like, they did cuz wrong
Where are they know, like?
n*ggas hidin' (pus*y)
TP, CRICEY slidin' (Slidin')
[?] the climate (Yeah)
30s, .40s got him (Grrah-grrah), like
I put the beam to his noggin (Uh-huh)
TP get green, no goblin (I do)
And I be in the hood like Robin (Robin)
CRICEY get the assist like Stockton
Back it, I [?] in my [?]
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