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Quelly Woo

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[Verse 1]
[?], like (Gllah-gllah)
And my demons be talkin' to me
Outside they be walkin' wit' me
Catch a opp [?], he get popped like a bee (Gllah, like)
Dark days, I need a angel wit' me
My life, they wanna take it from me
I know my granny be prayin' for me
Mmm, I know granny be prayin' for me
Welcome to the clouds if you lookin' down
I know they waitin' on me
Back out the six on you
I make the movie like Jigsaw
My demons in my mind
[?] different signals
Down bad, I was so poor
Soon get the butterbufly doors
Hop in V and I fly off
Go [?] sh*t on your mind off (Oh-oh)
Cloccin', I can't take timе off
My baby, she don't mess around, she up that mmm

Mеss around
I know for sure
What do I know?
They say they love me

[Verse 2]
I rather suffer in silence
If I tell you problems, the f*ck you gon' do for me?
I keep the knockers around me
'Cause if they catch me lackin', they prolly gon' shoot at me, like
f*ck love 'cause I hate what it do to me, like
Huh, damn, all my demons pursuin' me
Keep the knockers, they know I can't move without it
You could tell by the way that I walk, like
TP, one double o, GSC
You could tell by the way that I Floss, like
You could tell by the way that I talk
All-black, masked up, you can't tell us apart
Catch a opp, run down and we lettin' it spark
No V, walk up, [?] park
She was abidin' the law
Shorty a thottie, nobody gon' touch her
Oh my God, my God, like
Shorty a baba, nobody gon' love her
We spin your block like a helicopter
Like a helicopter
Oh my God, my God, like
We catch a opp, we gon' send him to heaven
Mess around
'Cause she love me so [...]
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