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Quelly Woo

Lyyrics from the Snippet

Gllag-gllah, [?]
Nobody to talk to, I talk to myself
Brand new Bimmer parkin' itself
When I'm sober don't feel like myself
I be feelin' like I'm someone else
All these drugs I take not workin' no more
The pain stronger than the Perc', like
Smile on my face, can't fake it no more
'Cause inside I'm really hurt, look
Mama told me I'm a failure
She don't know I be tryin' my hardest
She don't know [?] a target, like
She don't know I was tappin' at Target
Gotta stay safe so I keep a .40
Tucked in these Amiri garments, like
[?] get it regardless
Skinny n*gga, pockets the largest
Skinny n*gga, [?]
It's a workout when I up it and lift it
Work out for me, baby, no J. Cole
The way she get so addicted, wait
My vision clear, [...]
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