Ancestor Raps lyrics


Vic Spencer

Ain’t nobody f*cking with you my n*gga (Word)
I be the first to tell you that boy
You better look in the f*cking mirror and see that sh*t too (What)
n*ggas not f*cking with you, you’re hot fire boy (Sheesh)
I say it with you because that sh*t is beautiful boy (Sheesh)
Love that f*cking sh*t boy you got crazy flow (Whoa)

Invasion when I stay in
Rap is like a pinky ring, I only see made men
Blaze ten instead of three
Take the heat and slap your life
Stifling situation had me posted with the knife
Despite your beliefs boy I’m off the leaf with the chief
I told rappers that I’m the best now they wanna create the beef
Look at my catalog, sh*t is magnificеnt, very glorious
I sound way better than my vеrse from Victorious
I watched Notorious while I was high and realized that Biggie was decent
Everyday I wonder if Pac is under cement
Your mind ain’t stimulated enough to flow
I stand right in front of your face, you can’t call me a ghost
I took my hand to the lord and get high ‘til I croak
And hope nobody f*cking with me when they seeing my growth
Had that same energy from five years ago
I tell rappers about location ‘cause I want the smoke, b*tch
Luckily for me I’m out here f*cking sh*t up
Feel like I’m 19 how I’m going to the cup
Still got my shot from the corner
I wanna be the illest rapper that be smoking marijuana
I carry mommas to their couch
And give it m all just like I do in the booth
Murder beats, that’s why we all in the suits
Me, myself and I hopped in the coupe to fight my enemies
Keep your trey-five, I need a ten for weed
I’m in the winners league, started the team
And I’m just warming up, I’m in the lead by 33
I’m Scott Pip with the box
I make raps come out of my head like I sat on a cot
n*gga like “You seen that n*gga Vic Spence?”
“Naw he been on the block”
No subliminals when we sending them shots
These raps is for my ancestors that slammed extra bass in their cars
And you already know how I come with the bars
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