Attack Jet lyrics


Vic Spencer

[Intro: Curren$y]
It was like f*cking just, somebody just
Fitting a jet with missles and sh*t
I went from a private jet to a f*cking attack jet
That could like kill sh*t

[Verse: Vic Spencer]
Bars galore born with ease n*gga please
You don’t want war, pus*y ass n*ggas just want s’mores
Whoop wack rappers ass with an auxiliary cord
I didn’t ask for your black ass, whatchu calling me for
In my telephone I didn’t save no name, get it?
Ax to the top of the dome now you have a split image
Vic Spencer, aka never taking an L in this b*tch
Smell like loud in the courtroom, people thought it was lit
I’m so defiant, not reliant on nobody but this iron
I fire off on a n*gga, you better believe he dying
Water can’t stop the fires but peep the forest
Run up on this cowboy, you better be a horse
I’m so official n*gga to kill you I don’t need a pistol (Naw)
I got myself and you got three n*ggas with you
Look where I came from, the same bum that smacked you
Went to my n*gga Brash’s crib and tried to drink all of his mack juice
So I can meet this bird, wanted to see that neck work
Rappers suck more di*k than they did network
I only wanted to go down in history as the best j*rk
Over east with some out west herb, smoke ‘til my chest hurt
Cough up a lung, I’m the best in the slums
You can keep that fancy sh*t I get lost in my crumbs
I’m a father, don’t own a dad hat
Porch monkeys looking more like lab rats (Ew)
b*tch look like a baboon but her ass fat
Yes men don’t say no they say it’s not that bad
Do not make the devils come out
My n*ggas rich but still live with the bums downtown
Shifting the culture
Pyrex vision mixed with cobras and vultures and villainy
Blow piffery all on the sofa
The rap game is suffocating, I’m still breathing
I’m permanent n*gga, you can’t erase jme I’m a demon
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