Global lyrics


Vic Spencer

Brains all over the floor
I bet you know how the lower level think
I'm from Chicago, I’m the coldest you will never see
I live in the grindhouse and post where the shovels be
All about the Benjamins, smoking with either
I'm knowing about all of these rappers, I don't believe them
Deleting the situation is a whole lot of my whole existence
Focus with the older kids and make them into warriors
The story goes on and on
You rap n*ggas really bore me I could hold my own
I got-
I got n*ggas out here confusing me still
Got powers that n*ggas want but never withheld
I got n*ggas that’s putting me on bills so I could pay my bills
Cosby show was the sh*t until I wasn't able to stay still
Now I go global, I told you that was gonna be somebody
Probably at the top floor choking on some Obama
Now these n*ggas wanna name rappers
I'm looking past the f*cking list
Soon as everybody else see the sh*t they're like “Who the f*ck is this?”
I change the date, I'll break your face
I really hate the way you n*ggas rap this day and age
sh*t n*gga
My opinion ain't sh*t
But I know at the end of the day this the sh*t I gotta deal with
As far as this music goes
I ain't got no hands mother f*cker, I don't feel sh*t (Nothing)
All these mother f*ckers out here doing it
God damn
I’m out of here, f*ck it
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