Heavy Gems lyrics


Vic Spencer

Vic Spencer
f*ck ‘em

Vic Spencer the rapping bast*rd
Improved version of tales from the hood
No woody all over my house just murals of me letting the reefer burn
A whole bunch of voodoo dolls with different sneakers on
I got the grim reaper blowed, I play pool with swords
I act a fool on the chores, go to school to get whores (Baby)
Still got my cap and gown lamping down
Blow the cannon out
Sneakers came out so n*ggas stand around
Them old stiff ass n*ggas
Fall off a cliff ass n*ggas
I’m like a Huxtable if I f*ck with you (Right)
God damn I got a lot of opps
Not feared of losing my life
Hit the scene all alone at night
Big asss Swishers n*gga I swear to God
High as sh*t off one spliff, heaven is where we are
Go out in the world, everything seem very odd
Go over levy bars, first cousin of old Chevy cars
They tried to discredit Vic
Rolled diamond Swishers, Raw paper was the element
I been in the ghetto since a n*gga was born
Raised from your mommas couch the baby sister was gone
I’m the n*gga that you see but you thought he was gone
How I reappeared on the block your high was blown

I thought we killed that n*gga a long time ago
The f*ck is out here?
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