Scuba Spencer lyrics


Vic Spencer

Empty juice boxes, four shoe boxes
Stay away from n*ggas that rap all obnoxious
You will lose your ears by the age of 48 ‘cause they for it
I’m going straight, no exit or turning lanes
Early in the morning with the rap thoughts
I be writing fast as hell when that green cash come
I be giving homeless people silver
When I learned how to talk they didn’t teach filters
Man feeling all good, rolling a wood, like I should
Pollute the airways man I go to the hood
Most of these rap n*ggas don’t
I tell them n*ggas turn on your location knowing they won’t
Sneakers is the same color as gray pipes
Ignite the right, smack a cop on sight
Go to the lakefront with something that’s nice (Oh baby)
sh*t they gon’ hate regardless
Dearly departed the target
A group of rappers ain’t nothing but a bad harvest
All of these rappers on the market is garbage
I started a new sanitation company
Even if I lose my legs nobody be running me
Soon as rap don’t work n*ggas start doing EDM
And then wonder why nobody believes in them
I don’t be behind bars, I believe in the pen
So I write it all down when it’s deep within
The rapper of Chicago, f*ck them n*ggas
They tried to give me a crown but I bent it
f*ck the weak ass political songs you n*ggas is wrong
I get you n*ggas right when I get in my zone
f*ck that little ass beef sh*t
And all that sh*t you n*ggas care about is beneath Vic (Word)
Spencer is no longer dead
Matter of a fact I hate that dead boy sh*t
I was put out here to destroy sh*t
Every chick that ever loved me has six n*ggas attached
That b*tch is a scrag
I step in and their ligaments smashed
The biggest contributors like to sit in the back
These my thoughts from ’06 you just now hearing this track
A serious cat don’t be mad at the god
I splatter your heart
Spit so much sh*t it’s your blamer call Shazam with the bars
You don’t know how to fly, that’s probably why
Cause you never tried
n*ggas gotta find time to exercise
I like chicks with extra thighs
I’m Scuba Spencer
You should listen to a n*gga that did sh*t and ain’t seen a prison

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