Sheer Luggage lyrics


Vic Spencer

sh*t dog
Stop brining the f*cking steam

Sneak dissing is like hide and seek, they see me on the poster
Fade away the toaster
The sneakers the same color as the sofa
My lady looking like mocha, stroking her chocha it’s ultra (Baby)
Alter my double Rs, I’m getting head in my other car
Then spit a hundred bars about your mommas bra
Sean P living vicariously through me
Banana clips on the Uzi, Joe Montana mixed with Suli
Big ass dinner plates, I ain’t finna wait
Doing sh*t the winner’s way from ten to eight
The rest of the hours I’m smoking the sour
Clam chowdеr, suit up to my ex-girlfriends wedding with a bеverage
Tito’s, lime juice with a splash of ice
Your brain looking like a Taco Bell burrito (Ew)
Take a pic blowing the green smoke
Employer will see that sh*t my p*ss stay clean though
(Don’t ask why)
It’s mental science how I get out of crisis
One bar’s the same as the whole ISIS
So many times, it was plenty times so I had to get it
Bring your own beer and mind your own business
Trying to but instead you lose
No b*tch giving head to you (Ha)
You a fraud in them leather boots
You still sleeping on an extra tooth

pus*y boy
Get the f*ck outta here
What the f*ck I’m arguing with you for
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