Victor Claw lyrics


Vic Spencer

Killing sh*t
Wake up in the middle of the night for five million days straight
Haven’t committed murder in about eight days (sh*t)
Itching to kill, blood episode is a thrill
Bored as hells so I decided to chill
Phone started to ring, it’s the big boss
Had a mission for the God, he knew I wouldn’t get caught
Mission never impossible
Just had to go and rob a few n*ggas that switched sides to di*k ride
Don’t know what happened, I ain’t got time to compromise
Excited to be the reason n*ggas is about to die (Yeah)
Seen them post up, drinks on the coaster
Perfect six shots, left intestines on the sofa
Silence the weapons of the guns up in the vessel
Head back to the crib, check my phone [?] look at the time
It was only five AM
Paperwork fizzy getting busy on the [?]
Two hours later I’m helping getting the kids ready
Like sh*t didn’t happen
My wife out here thinking I’m smashing other women when I leave out late
I say “You think I got money to take chicks on dates?”
Laughed it away man, I’m hating a lot
I got 200K saved away in Dubai
Tired as f*ck, gotta get me some mother f*cking sleep
I left my phone in the truck
Walked up to it, seen it ringing, it’s the big boss
Wanting me to link up out of new Leon’s on 63rd
Dead bodies in the garage, wanting me to dump ‘em elsewhere for 300K
I threw up next to the bay
Super disgusted but I got used to the smell
Made a whole lot of money just to feed killer whales
By this time I got a whole lot of missions to do
I just turned my phone off the trees like stew
Mixed it up on cigarette boats
No wifi and sh*t, you can’t call me a goat
Can’t blow the fog with the folks
Can’t get with your girl so I can give her logs of the strokes
Clogging up throats, rob you for hope is bare minimum
One hand I could smack ten of them
Wanna see more of what I could do?
You n*ggas gotta wait for part two
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