"DJ Robbie Mac"

Robbie Mac
Ha ha ha ha

Yes, it's true, it's me
I am, I am back
I'm macking my style and everything
Cause you know it's an eight mile

Mothaf*cking drive, gonna be okay
Hey hey hey hey, don't you be playing nice
Be playing fair
b*tches f*ck that sh*t, you know

Ey, sexy ladies, that's what they call me
Uh, what? What?
No, no, you got it all wrong
Cause I am Robbie Mac, Mac

See, see, I might give you a heart attack, tack
Cause now you know it's true, true
So don't you go
Smell your own f*cking poop

Hey, you know it's true
Ha ha ha
Hey, you know it's true
It's true
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