"Rape Voem"


My thought about rape
The opposite of my thoughts about grape and i really love grapes
I mean wetin dey really sup sef, why are people acting like its all flex
Or why am i not surprised?
Are we not the same people keeping quiet about a man's incompetence because where i am from a young man cannot tell an older man to leave his seat
But for me to agree with this, you'd have to show a place where they buy plane ticket with respect and they give receipts
I mean its respect now, its a big deal
Like the victims of rape should only sit still
I rarely ever judge a person based on ear-say but if all the ear-say is constantly becoming a pattern
And I know you know repetition is the beginning of pattern
And your image is not deceiving this pattern that i obverse, i mean
You tell the people to look up under sun with their eyes on earth
Why on earth, why on earth would you even position yourself to take advantage
Back n forth on clay but you are ahead of the due so you're snatching the advantage
Well you're wrong because i watch from a sit on advantage, you know umpire or higher
Like say pastor no fit get side chick for choir

But the people do not know man cannot be a god talk-less of God
The rape i see happened before the forceful penetration
It happened when you betrayed the trust in you to lead
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