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[Verse 1: 4JAY]
Red like I'm cleaning, your boyfriend a lame-o
n*ggas playing with my name, it ain’t a game though
Just cause you broke, that don't mean that you bang bro
n*gga you gon' die for the sh*t that you claim, you’s a hoe
I'm just saying though, n*gga don't get c*cky
Do not let your n*ggas hype you up, you won't rob me
Bill Cosby, pop em' like some Oxy
Come up out the cut all red like a Taki

[Verse 2: NastyBoyAaron]
Got my own style, pus*y do not try to jack it
I be in my city and I'm f*cking causing havoc
If sh*t get too serious I reach under the mattress
Not about the tucking, b*tch you do not want no static
Smoke it up, smoking drugs, rings on my fingers up
Stacking all my money up
And I am a sinner but I know you staying in the club
All that sh*t I be repping is that 35 Bloods
Send you underground, I can send you underground

[Verse 3: 2shanez]
[?] chop b*tch then I turn you to a ghost
Big .40 on my hip, that sh*t turn you to some toast
Sipping on some lean, that sh*t got me f*cking froze
Dirty in my cup, I can't even feel my toes
Smoking on some gas, that sh*t got me feeling low
3500, lots of coke to the nose
Smoking pounds of gas, that sh*t got me feeling low
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