TALK MY sh*t/NO HEART lyrics



KEWLBOYZ, pump your fists to this
KEWLBOYZ, pump your fists to this

[Verse 1]
Waking up to cigarette burns in the blanket
Wonder how the house hasn't burned down or caved in
Whenever it do, I just pray that I'm inside of it
M30 vitamin, I been off all kind of sh*t
Plastic bag of different colored pills, I got all kinds of them
Worried I might die again, Xannie take away that fear
I feel like I'm Uzi, how that Xannie make it go away
I been sleep a couple days, still don't want to wake up
Cover up my f*ck ups like an ugly b*tch's makeup
Cover up my f*ck ups like a tattoo cover up
Of somebody's name that I can't stand to look at
On my own, body, drugs up in my body
Whiskey in the coffee cup, they think that it's latte
Off so many drugs that I'm feeling like I'm not me
White girl, Abercrombie, black like Arianna
Rolling up blunts of synthetic Marijuana
Really need to get up, but I don't really want to, I don't really want to
I miss kicking it with JR in the trap, rolling Fronta
Rolling up that Fronto, smoking till we gonzo
Picking up Cocaine from Pedro or Alfonso
Enrique or Alonzo, sick dog like Parvo
Nine up in my cargos, money in my carhartt's
Don't know how to drive, but the car still a push start
Life getting too hard, bars got me too parked
This b*tch want to love me, but she can't, 'cause I got no heart
[Verse 2]
Cold as an iceberg, cold as some ice cream
But we don't do those, 'cause b*tch, I'm from the IE
Need to get your b*tch before the b*tch start to like me
She think that I like her, but it's just the high me
She said I act different, maybe it just mood swings
Baby, I'm off two beans, maybe there's just two Shane's
I don't f*ck with people, 'cause everybody too fake
Everybody two-faced, baby, I'm just too great
Do a line and fall out, Fetty pack too laced
Hundreds and they blue faced, I feel like I'm Blueface
Make a b*tch buss down, wrist, that's a buss down
Brand new b*tch, and I got her VVS'd out
She think that we twins, now trying to take flicks now
Told her that it's cool, just don't tag me in those picks now
b*tches in my DM's, they like, "Shanez, when you getting out?"
"I don't even get it, why you even in there"
"Twenty five to life, omg, that's so unfair"
They don't think I did it, they like, "That's so unfair"
Told her send some pictures of her ass in some swimwear
You ain't never been here, I'ma probably die here
Bottles of that Pruno got me buzzing like Lightyear
Velveeta cheesy rice here, yellow tape spice here
Trying to cat out rolling Dominique's
Good phone sex, 'cause the b*tch a theet-theet
You can try, but you never finna be me
You can try, but you never finna be me
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