Eddie Floyd

"That’s All"

I can only give you love that lasts forever
And a promise to be near ya each time you call
And the only heart I own
Is for you and you alone
That's all
Baby baby, that's all

I can only give you country walks in springtime
And a hand to hold when you begin to fall
And a love whose burning light
Will warm the winter nights
That's all
Baby baby that's all

There are those I'm sure
Who have told you, baby
They would really give you the world
Just for a toy
Oh. but all I have
Is these arms to enfold you
And a love time can never destroy

Baby, that's all

If you're wondering
Aw, what I'm asking in return
You'll be glad to know
That my demands are small
Say it's me that you adore
For now and evermore
That's, that's
Baby, that's all
Baby, that's all
All I have to give you is my love
Baby, that's all

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