Nana Grizol

"Grow Up The Fence Pt. II"

There's a flowerbed of friends growing under a bright sky
It grows bigger forever and there's no need to wonder why
In the event that a flower should cry
Well it can't last too long surrounded by sunflowers high up
Though droughts, droughts they will dry out
They will dry up

And in the event that a flower should die
Well decay is its memory, nutrients shimmering
Inviting, enticing more flowers to entering
Growth and decay are forever unhindering
Creation, destruction, and is it all the same thing
All that matters is we lift our voices to sing

With pens and paintbrushes
And cameras it's as much as a picture
Box to show the world the world through your eyes
So let's learn to forget fear and take off our disguises
Then we can talk and pick through all the lies we've been told
And we won't be afraid to grow old

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