"The Life of Mr. Cheese"

[Verse 1]
Long ago, in a land unknown
A baby boy had arrived
Born a cheese, with a smile that gleamed
The cheddar of his mother's eye

He learned to walk, he learned to talk
The baby never cried
He just said:
"My name Mr. Cheese!"
"My name Mr. Cheese!

Oooh, Mr. Cheese
He's gonna be the best impostor that you've
Ever seen
And we know there's no cheese-grater
Yes we know

And we believe
That he's gonna save us all
You're gonna do us proud
You're the crew-mate that we adore

[Verse 2]
The child was two, and with every inch he grew
He looked up to the skies
His dreams were true, each night he knew
The stars were in his eyes
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