Raphael Saadiq

"Can’t Stop Praising His Name"

Today we give God praise for the greatest gift of all, his son the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and if he's ever done anything for ya, come on and help us lift his name up today

Praising His name
He's been so good to me
Every time I turn around, He blesses me
Keeps on lookin' out for me
Watchin' over me
Yeah, we exalt your name
We praise your name

I'll never stop givin' you honor
'Cause you've been so good to me
No, I can't
Every time I think about all the things you'vе done for me
How you're always lookin' out for mе
And you always, always save my name
I can't stop praisin'
I can't stop worshippin'
I can't stop praisin' your name on high
No, no
All your other names
Al-Shaddai, Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Lion of Judah
Just can't stop
His name
His name
Yeah, King of Kings
Glory to ya
We exalt your name
We give your name praise
There's deliverance in your name
There's healing in your name
Salvation in your name
Your name
In your name I'll find my healing
In your name I'll find my peace
Your name
Your name
Your name
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