Talk To Me lyrics




I done got everything, imagine goin' through it
Times that I get peace is when I'm rappin'
Dawgy runnin' wild but he ain't rabbit
I don't fit in the crowd, get that established

... car and then I crashed 'em
I'm bigger, I'm a star, I'm tryna be happy
Why I'm talkin' 'bout the one, it's everlasting
I put time into my guns, they never jam me
Workin' takin' time from my sons, what kind of parent?
Can't take time, figure it out, you gotta balance
Fightin' myself, this sh*t a challenge
Fightin' myself, oh Lord, I'm doubtin'
Talk to me, walk with me
Understanding is all I need
They don't understand me, it's all on me
But who gon' be there for him, b*tch when I leave
My momma good, my son good, my dawgs good, my heart good
I'm still good in my hood, it's all love
I put business on the bottom of my foot like I should
I don't care to be the hardest, I'm a artist
I don't care 'bout n*ggas talkin, I'ma charge it to the game, that's on my momma
I got B's to handle business when it's problems
Raised by women, I'm a gentleman, can't dawg her
I hold my head a lot, stressin' myself out like, "Is you gon' be there or not," "Is you for me?"
"Is you tryna harm me," "Is you an informant?"
"Is you tryna cross me," or "Is you tryna join me, love?"
I got problems but the money, that ain't one of 'em
They wouldn't be him, I remember they make fun of 'em (Thank God)
Forever got love for the game, in my heart
I would've never got to where I'm at, if I ain't robbed in a minute
I talk to the streets, get through the walls of the prison
Still free Deep, free Zay, and free C-Major
And long live Dre, wish he could see a n*gga make it
Dre, I'm bigger now
Still hold my n*ggas down
If I ever see yo' killer, I'ma send 'em down
I couldn't see 'em put my Auntie Sonia in the ground
I had to put my grandaddy in the ground, I'm grounded
I was f*cked up for a minute, but I found it
Money stackin' but the problems keep on pilin'
I know I'm blessed, ain't gotta sneeze, like what is pollen?
I came a long way from robbin' n*ggas on the alley (Geesh)
Wanna fall in love with the rap but my heart in these streets
My heart in the ghetto
I'm goin' hard 'cause who gon' be there if I let up?
I'm goin' hard 'cause who gon' be there if I fall--- fall off?
Like who gon' be there when I call, I can't call y'all
I'm the one who can't cry
The one who gotta hold this sh*t together and get it right
The one who tell 'em that this rap sh*t can change yo' life
I don't tell 'em to do better, I just show 'em
I don't cherish sh*t, I get the money and I blow it
Will I ever make the hitlist?
It's like they don't like this real sh*t, like they don't like the real rap
I just keep rappin' my life, know they'll feel that--- feel that
Only fearin' God, Fear Of God, no, I don't fear that (Shh, holdup)
Do you n*ggas hear that, just the sound of a bee
Came from that jungle and I rose up
Them n*ggas had me at the back, I felt like Rosa
But I ain't never complain
Just charge it to the game, I just charge it to the game and I'm like...
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