"A Blurry World"


I find it to be
Such an intricate
But lemme explain
Imagine it's
8 years from today
You have a family
You have children
You've taught your
Children different
Things about life
You believe
They will see
The world through
The perspective you've
Presented to them
But your children
Have friends
People from all over
Giving them thеir
Differing perspectivеs
On life
So your children
Fail to see
The world clearly
They fail to see
The world that's
Right in front
Of them
And your children
Ask you
What should we
About the world
It's blurry mom
It's blurry dad
There's over 7 billion
People on earth
And we don't
All think the
We all have
Different perspectives
Different mindsets
Different interpretations
Of life
I believe the
Perspective the
Creator gives me
Is the best
So I guess the
Big question is
What do you
What's your perspective
Do you think
You can see the
World as it is
Are you conflicted
Is it blurry
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