PnB Rock


Life's been really strange lately
But I'ma let you know what's been on my mind
Love ain't really a real thing
Unless you believe in it strong enough
But that sh*t's really hard

Life is so tough
I've been running over things that I've touched
I can't remember the last time I loved
'Cause you were the one that I really trusted

And I put myself in your mirror
Tryna get a better vision of you, it's getting clear
And I'm blacked out for days
This some better days
Tryna figure out a way
To get the f*ck outta bed
And stay right in shape

[Verse 1]
Uh, guess I'm all up in my z-o-o-one
I do not hear my ph-o-o-one
Yes b*tch, leave me al-o-o-one
Before I kick you out the d-o-o-or
One time you told me that you loved me
And you trust me
But I know that it's f*cking lie because you be on the phone
Talking to me like you don't give a f*ck at all
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