PnB Rock

"Eyes Open"

[Intro: PnB Rock]
Dream, I just wanna, oh yeah
(Wheezy outta here)

[Chorus: PnB Rock]
Dream, I just wanna dream (Dream)
Can I dream? (Dream)
Dream, I just wanna dream with my (Eyes open)
With my (Eyes open)
With my (Eyes open)
With my (Eyes open)

[Verse 1: PnB Rock]
I used to wake up in my bed and I seen plenty mice (Mice)
Now I wake next to my b*tch and I see plenty ice
When they killed my brother stiff, I cried for so many nights
And to this day we spin their block, we done took so many lives
The way I live, it ain't right
But f*ck that sh*t, where was God when he took my mans life?
Let me guess, you gon' say it was 'part of his plans, right?
You the type to only talk to God when you in a jam, right?

[Verse 2: Young Thug & PnB Rock]
See, you like glass and I see right through you, I see
You don't be lovin' me
Took time, but realized when I talk, it make you drool and I see
I bought your main girl that hang with you the Breitling
Thought you was lovin' me
I took time, but realized you'll do anything for fame and I see
What would you do for this jubilee?
Would you do it or would you stay true to me?
Can I get the job with no utilities?
If I'm wrong give me the business, no sympathy (Oh yeah)
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