King Krule

"Sad Face"

"You have reached the Sprint voicemail box of...
To leave a voice message press 1 or just wait for the tone
To send a numeric page press 2 now
At the tone please record your voice message
When you have finished recording you may hang up or press pound for more options"

Candles are lit
And next to me its all that matters
We're sitting in my room and we're just talking

[Verse 1]
I doesn't seem to make sense why you wanna go
(This is what it is, [?])
So far away
Why do you wanna go?
(This is what it is, [?])
I doesn't even make sense
Why you wanna go?
We can go, here, we can
We're [?]

[Verse 2]
I got my compass in one hand
And my sadness in another
Chilling with my brothers
I miss my mother
I really miss my mother

[Verse 3]
I know why I'm trippin'
Finished the book of women
Now I'm dealing with women
It's the sad sh*t
I wish you had it
But you can have this
Want you can have this

[Chorus x3]
That's why you see me with the sad face
That's why you see me with the sad face
(That's why you see me with)
(That's why you see me with the sad face)

To send your message press 1 at any time
To listen to your message press 2
To rerecord press 3
For more options press 4
To cancel press star
Thank you for calling, goodbye

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