Our Vacuum lyrics


King Krule

From our thoughts far away
I leave, I didn't stay
And the space between us is done
In the cage of your heart

I'll picture of [?]
Our stillness I know
In between the gaps of the stars
We lay in the dark

Swim to the [space?]

So empty the space
I weighs heavy on my plate
In between us is a grave
In a field far away

It's our vacuum
It's our vacuum
It's our vacuum
It's our vacuum

Don't know what time this [?]
Don't know what day it is
I need a train
I need more time
I'm done f*cking with her
[The early, fierce] grief
I need to let it out
'Cause they won't understand
It's flying out
Butterfly, fly away
Maybе with space
Things might get bettеr
Girl, with space
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