Charlie Puth

"Is It Just Me? (Remix)"

[Intro: Sasha Sloan, Charlie Puth & Both]
Is it just me? (Ooh)
Is it just me?

[Verse 1: Sasha Sloan & Charlie Puth]
I hate holdin' babies
And people tryna save me
Think religion is a business
Where you pay for God's forgiveness
Modern art is boring
Politicians are annoying
I don't think love lasts forever
And old music was better

[Pre-Chorus: Sasha Sloan & Charlie Puth]
Am I just high
Or am I kinda right?

[Chorus: Sasha Sloan, Sasha Sloan & Charlie Puth]
Is it just me
Or does anybody
Feel the way that I feel?
They're just not bein' real
Tell me, is it just me
Or is anybody
Thinkin' all the same sh*t?
They're just not sayin' it
Or is it just me?

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