Sexy Shades lyrics


Charlie Puth

These are my sexy shapes
Super, super, super sexy shades
These these are my sexy shoes
These are my sexy shapes

Not not sexy shoes
These are my sexy shades
Sexy break down

A worm in the street and a worm in the park
And where I'm in the light and aware
I'm in the dark side
You can not where I'm like me and
My shades are just too damn sexy

Where I'm on the bridge
Jump to your porch where I'm on the bridge
And show them to a random guy, isn't she?
Not where I'm like me

My sexy shapes are just to Bob Saget
I was walking down the street
Pop in into the beat

And this guy said, You're okay with this
These are sexy
She puts you in the face
These are sexy and super, super duper sexy shades
These are my sexy shades
These are Miss Sexy Shapes
Not not yo sexy shakes
These are sexy shades
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