Run It Up lyrics



[Verse 1: Lungskull]
Yeah geeked as f*ck, ay pills dropped in my cup
Yeah, taking drugs yeah, I'ma take her up yeah
Ay, making songs ay, please don't interrupt yeah
Ay, they all fake, don't know who to trust yeah
Ay, f*ck a hoe ay, to me they all dust yeah
Only trust my guns, b*tch I only trust my guts
Yeah, yeah goth hoe, she gon' help me run it up
Yeah, ay goth hoe, she gon' help me run it up
Yeah, help me run it up yeah
Help me run it up ay
Getting all the bucks yeah, help me run it up yeah
Hеlp me run it up yeah, help mе run it up yeah
Yeah, ay, running up, help me run it up

[Verse 2: Aghast]
Running up, run it up
You n*ggas really ass and you needa get f*cked
pus*y n*gga talking down, I'ma hop out the truck
You n*ggas broke, I be getting to the bucks
I'm eating with your girl and she really wanna f*ck
Guess yo n*gga got bad luck, I ain't scared I ain't gonna tuck
A n*gga didn't show up, he just ducked
We cooked that n*gga up just like it's cluck
I got the red dot, it be looking like Christmas
Got the blower up on me it look like crimson
n*ggas hating, I'm just living
n*ggas lying, yeah I'm just winning
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