Josh A

[Zonnie Verse]
Say they all like to break a thing. please don't keep me away from now, so woah so cold I'm never around. Please don't wonder outside of the ground. They all like to be around never they never come out, wow wow wow. sinning the sun by the frosty no mount, (Ah) I dont want no sympathy. No souls, came for goals and I dont be no brace in those, all my brave souls came for goals, and I dont want to sing to break no souls

[Apxcxlyptic verse]
(yeah) Aries eyes inside of me, (yuh) deep inside my hollow soul. Wave goodbye and watch the sea, (Ay) I will nеver reach no goals of mine, goals of minе, hard to find. I'm not defined, where the (f*ck) am I? where's my body at? (Oh no) I'm feeling so alone here, (woah) wheres my body at? it hurts me to [?] I'm tryna see who I can be, down inside of me my heart what the f*ck, what did you do to my heart? (what the f*ck did you?)
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