"Sun God"

Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo) - “The Game”
[Emcee(s): Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
[Producer(s): Hi-Tek (Original Instrumental from Hi-Tek ft. Common and Vinia Mojica - “The Sun God”)]

[Intro: Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
Aight, yeah, yeah, uh huh, like this, yo.  Yo, uh huh, yeah, we gon’ do it like this.  Check it out, yo

[Bridge: Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
I keep
Rising to the top, no one could stop me
Agu will forever S-H-I-N-E.  Keep
Rising to the top, no one could stop me
Check it out. Check it out, check it out, yo

[Verse: Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
Since when
You heard of me fail? From my disappearance surrounded with
Murky details to the interference of shady dudes and
Dirty females. With perseverance, I’ll prevail
Like the New York undercurrent, I’m three rails
Ain’t no worth in n*ggas, I ain’t giving enemies shells
My pen’ll tell a sinister tale like Monster Kody in his
Penitentiary cell. Y’all n*ggas is frail, I’ll murder
Things while y’all n*ggas just see I-L-L. My gun
Sparks and arcs and angles. Ain’t a god, I’m a dark
Angel, evil left in him will dwell with men. I don’t blow up spots
I September 11 ‘em. Counselor co-D
Confidentiality—no telling men
Game in my melanin aim flame, make your melon spin
Stop claiming felon when, every time I see you, y’all
Acting like “More Than A Woman” like Aaliyah. Agu
I’m gon’ make you motherf*ckers believers

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