Wop Wop lyrics



Elias beats
Can't be f*cked with in New York clearly
Shoutout the opps
For givin' us the motivation to do what we like to do
Ay, ay yeah

[Verse 1 : 26ar]
Oh, I'm boutta slide, is you comin' or not? (Is you comin' or not?)
It's hot over there, so I'm goin' with Flock
Slidin' with dracs, them jakes down the block (Grah)
Still got a mask on his face when it's hot (No face)
Big two-twos I been did that, now I ride through [?]
Head crack (On my di*k)
I get busy you been knew that (Ay yeah)
When I seen opps I did not rat (I do not)
He caught bullets like Odell
Oh well (Oh well)
I had a revolver, no shells (No shells)
Just kept on bustin' rounds
He went OT but we touchin' down
I'm worried if it's 'bout a dollar, n*gga (Breesh)
And I only do missions with solid n*ggas (Drench, drеnch, drench)
Yeah, they slid and thеy thought it was over (What?)
But like fake pages we gon' follow n*ggas
6-0 got burnt, he was playin' fire (6-0, 6-0)
If he died we woulda got higher (Breezo)
And your b*tch, I couldn't deny her
She got wet when she seen my attire (Drench, drench, drench)
Front grip on the sitchy like pliers (Grah)
Tryna murder some teens like Myers (Michael Myers)
Why the DA keep bringin' up priors (Huh?)
Like how you mad I'm returning fire (Just defendin' my side)
Did somebody drop? (Drench, drench, drench)
Same old sequence (Same old sh*t)
They caught Breezy tryna clutch his [?] like the Pledge of Allegiance (Get it?)
They don't get it, these n*ggas be lost, man (No cap)
I can't wait till we runnin' the Floss, man (I swear to god)
n*ggas pus*y, they do all that talk, man (pus*y)
But like drip, you know its gon' cross, man (Drip, drip, drip)
n*gga everything K, f*ck is you meanin'? (Everything K)
I do my thing, I don't need a team and (Ay yeah)
Your b*tch is a hoe, she swallow my semen (Treesha)
They speakin' on Queezy like bro not a demon
Like he ain't bend blocks with Glocks, send shots at a f*ck n*gga
Free G Bees he's touchin' down
Hit Avianne, bust it down (Drip, drip, drip)
Drench with me (Drench, drench, drench)
What we use on the slide, I'm picky (I'm picky)
I might dress like a bum on a mission (No cap)
Wasn't me, cause I'm usually drippy (It wasn't me)
b*tch I raise arms like "Pick me!" (Pick me)
And like Steph, I'm releasing it quickly (Grah)
I pulled up on your b*tch for a quicky (Treesh)
When I left her my thing had a hickey
[Verse 2: NiikoSuav]
I see they gang gang (That's them right there)
I let it bang bang (Grah, grah)
Pass me the Boomer (Shaboomski)
[?] (That n*gga dead)
Caught him in his [?] (In his car)
While he was parkin' (Tryna park)
We got to sparkin' (That n*gga dead)
Now we can spark him (Dope, dope)
Double actions, nowhere to run to
NiikoSuav get back on the Humboo (Geek, geek, geek)
I got hit like he got hit, but that little n*gga in gumbo (That sh*t ain't even)
And I'm clappin', I stay in the front row (Rah, rah)
n*ggas smokin' on n*ggas they don't know (How you do that?)
And we bendin' they blocks with four poles (Skrt, skrt)
And we pull up with four, four-fours
Shoutout to Hov (Shoutout to Hov)
But I'm with the rock (Rocco)
It get nasty when we get the drop (Boom)
[?] undressin' we clearin' your blocks
She on my di*k now, she used to flock
Hit it and quit it and pass it to flock
Empty the clip if I catch me a [?]
Wop, wop, wop, wop
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