Lloyd Banks

"Reach Out"

"What would I've been if I'd reached out
To you?"

SouthSide in this mothaf*cka!

Uh! - The hard times'll hit you when your chillin'
Explode describes the feelin', Henny cups help the healin'. (uh!)
Money hungry hookers on my heals, I can hear 'em (I can hear 'em!)
They showin' is comparin' cause this butters much I'm carin'
Where I'm from - the murder rate is climbin' through the ceilin' (yeah!)
Lil' n*ggas walk to school and see they daddy on a buildin'. (uh!)
Spray paint faces, then we grow up cops chase us
On a every day basis meet the old head replacements. (yeah!) {What would I've beeeen...}
Shorty said: "Survival is to go past the bottle." (yeah!)
No faith! - Knocked out too young to read the Bible. (uhh!)
Before they show you mercy they gon show you Marcialago (right!)
Tooly in my cargo for n*gga thinkin he hard, yo. (hard, yo!)
"Do or die" motto like my boys that took it with 'em (whattup?)
Ice flippin' star hit me hard won't forget 'em. (uhh!)
Shout-outs to Cage, still mournin' offa Kwan
Since a youngin' it was on life fast night gone. (uhh!)
Knew him since a baby got the mind to stay strong
Lost my best friend on the same night I perform. (perform!)
Reality'll sting, yeah! And it's comin' by the swarm
Get high til I'm gone, muffin' off a hundred on a arm. (whoo!)
Ratha go a player then a mothaf*ckin' pawn
Middle finger drawn til I'm back where I belong. (uh!)
Got a letter from my n*gga, told me ain't nobody close!
That he was short-timin' and bombin' a couple toasts. (yeah!)
Until then I boast. - Guccis out a ruthles car superstar
Haters want the star shoot and move the bars. (uhh!)
Trooper pulled me ova slippd and shorty poofd the charge. (uhh!)
Livin' life without a limit want me use the card. (uhh!)
Flow out the world, gotta ship the group to Mars (uhh!)
Fresh to death alien pairin' up in a new Minaj. (yeah!)
Life's a couple of hoes, bagged 'em both dual massage
Dumb dough! Mow watch wildeyin' through the hard. {What would I've beeeen...}

We go hard!
SouthSide Jamaica/Queens, n*gga!
R.I.P. to my n*gga, Goldie!
R.I.P. to my n*gga, Me Balla!
Money Stacks... Rest In Peace!

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