CvC lyrics



God damn pus*y wanna run up on a hoe
Wait till I pull up and youre gonna f*ckin choke

4 head shots at your f*ckin headtop
4 f*ckin shots at the f*ckin rooftop
Shoot my shot, thats my f*ckin side job
f*ckin greened out think I need a f*ckin eyedrop

No 3 rounds we ain't pus*y like that
Ain't no gloves
Gonna pull up with a gun
No worries bout missing when you got yourself a drum
Ain't no pus*y gonna pull up, what fun
If he pull up, he already done
Got a gunship, gun shot to my opps
Bloody bottoms on my socks
Got myself a car just to f*ckin hot box
Like ESP when you join up on prox
Acting like the best, you ain't even on top
Need a cute ass asian b*tch just like f*cking hxlxcavst

Everybody on me
O m g
Just gas me up
I need an acog
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