Falling Fast lyrics


Insolent Myth/TSBTS

I'm falling fast as f*ck for you, I think I'll buy you Wendy's
Got you stayin' up all night with me, all nighters, let's pull plenty
Man, I don't think I can leave you, like ever, girl, you're a dream
And like my mind, it has you in it all the time, or so it seems

You made me fall in hours; do you have a superpower?
I would love to give you flowers but hey, I'm a f*ckin' coward
I'm sorry for the cringe that is playing up in your ear
But I got some special things I kinda wanted you to hear

You are adorable as f*ck, and you're cuter than Hello Kitty
Super lovable, funny, and not to mention, really pretty
I really want you here, so please don't ever go away
You're safe with me, and I'll protect you every night and day

You're fun to be around and talking to you is great
Whenever you're not around, girl, all that I can do is wait
I'm really impatient, come on and look at the view
It's beautiful, right? Girl, I love you
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