Dirty Minded lyrics


Insolent Myth

[Chorus: Insolent Myth]
A bisexual girl is just a free threesome
f*cking two at a time makin' them eat c*m
I don't got a certain girl cuz I love sexual freedom
Yesterday a ho deep throated me now her f*ckin' throat numb
Hold up
I don't even need drugs to f*ck on them vaginas
Yeah you know I'm just f*ckin' dirty minded

[Verse 1: Insolent Myth]
This sex culture got me f*cked up
Can't tell the difference between lust and true love
But who knows why u screwed up mentally with drugs
If you pull up not wanting me to hit, my Glock pop a shoot up
Why do b*tches just want no nut?
I dont know if they cap like breaking that cashew bruh
You're dripping and stripping' like u did at the club
Can't sit now my di*ks standin' up for sh*t
Let's pop a stance for my f*cked up b*tch
Now she tryna show that she can actually suck my di*k
Go on show me those f*ckin' tits
Rub your clit
Now let me trap that with a card tap
Heads up, just know I kinda c*m like real fast
By the way I don't wanna f*ck fags
It's only girls that got a fat ass
But I guess you already knew that
Yeah had to cut it out cause I'm an emo
Hell yeah I'm edgy but I still fresh cream these hoes
Like I said, I'm no homo but a blow is blow bro
Oh no I feel like my new magic show tricked up the same flow
Wait sh*t I got to go my dad's home
Come back to me when u get rounds to ur dome now its done tho
Now i go cause have a feeling that the last part is gonna be fun so...
Now im gone after that whole case hopped on
Switch up this culture for the real sh*t to come on

(Full song coming soon...)
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