Love You :) lyrics


Insolent Myth

I f*cking love you baby
Look at the better person that you made me
You really did come to save me
You always drive me the best kind of crazy
I’ll tell you right now and very honestly:
I f*cking love you baby yeah

[Verse 1]
Your texts always make my face light up in a red kind of way
I knew from the beginning we were going to be in love and I say
I can’t wait to meet you in real life cause it's my dream to be by your side
It’s probably too early for this but I'm ready for you to be my wife
Ha! Guеss we are already sort of еngaged and I'm happy you're finally mine
I'll always love you no matter what and I'm happy we both fell in love at this time
The moment I hold you close is the time I’ll fall in love the most
I just want to see your cute face and those dazzling eyes up close
Never forget that you’re loved and I think you’re the most beautiful girl
If I’m still in school when I’m 18 I’m dropping out just to see you cause you are my world

(Full song coming soon...)
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