Through The Night Outro lyrics


Caleb Gordon

[Intro: Chris Brown]
...Bright, woah-oh-oh
We're caroling through the night, woah-oh-oh

[Verse 1]
What a wonderful time
Where I'm from, we don't go out if it's 40 outside
Unless she call, then I throw on my coat and I slide
Back when chasin' shawties was on the front of my mind
Hung up my jersey, I'm gettin' ready for when she arrive
I'm still discernin'
Just 'cause you fine don't really mean you worth it
I want somebody right by my side that know her purpose
And has a deep connection with God, not just a surface
Anyways, turn on the fireplace
Marshmallows in the hot chocolate, the finer things
You know, it's about time for a schedule change
Reminiscin' while we lookin' forward to better days
It's not that I don't miss, I'm just way too ahead of things
Thank God school over, I couldn't write another essay!
I got to see the truth clearer than a X-ray
This year felt way longer than a decade
This year was a year I really got my head straight
Shed tears, live, love, laugh then we segue
On to the next phase, we gon' keep it movin'
We don't worry 'bout the step take
We gon' keep it rollin' like it's Let's Skate
'Til it's checkmate, 'til it's over
We ain't worried 'bout the next day
Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn
[Verse 2]
They told me this was the year of vision
Lookin' back, it's kinda funny how I been seein' different
Truth is, I'm on a mission
Me and you, what's the difference?
I just made a decision
I just figured out that it's not how I wanna live it—
This life I was given
God will let you go around in circles until you get it
Sex, money, drugs, women
Clout, fame, what a feelin'
I played 'til it was played out, it was unfulfillin'
I needed somethin' different, that's why I had to switch it
Snap the key in ignition
Fill up my tank with primy and wisdom and intuition
Who you know this consistent?
When we say we got faith, action be followin' it
Uh, never said this life was easy-breezy, ​beautiful
But don't just read the cover, girl
Listen deep, when Jeezy feed your soul
It's a whole 'nother world we tappin' in
Shout-out to the family that I have
I love 'em all to death
Know we have our differences
This the time that we reflect on memories we won't forget
No, we won't forget, I don't care how old I get
This right here, that forever
This right here, that forever
This right here, that forever

[Verse 3]
Yeah, we still here
At the end of the year
Nobody expected it to be this way
I saw a side of me I thought that I could wait to face
People that I thought would ride with me
Found out was in the way
I found out God'll speak to me and you the same
But one of us ain't listenin'
I execute, they blowin' air like they whistlin'
Had to stop the cursin' words, create the words you're livin' in
I was fightin' fleshly battles, sometimes I was givin' in
There's levels to relationships and watchin' who I'm lettin' in
New me settin' in
Nah, this ain't the new me, this the me that I should've been
Now, I see the world from the outside lookin' in
I just finished writin' down my outline, let's begin
Nah, I know I won't forget, I don't care how old I get

Yeah, cause this right here, that forever
This right here, that forever
This right here, that forever
Mm, mm
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayy, we just gon' let this thing ride out
Chris Brown, if you get me for this
Just know, it was out of love
You feel me? I had to do it
But look
Thank y'all for listenin' to the tape
Takin' the time to listen
It's been a long year, you know what I'm sayin'?
It's just the beginnin'
Y'all have a happy holidays, stay blessed
2000, E-S-T (Shout-out Kenny on the keys)
Yeah (Shout-out my momma and my brother)
(For hearin' me every night to make this happen)
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