You have no idea how much i love you lyrics



[Verse 1]
Crazy to me that you can't tell
I was there for you since Grade 12
All of your exes all of your questions
Hold you in bed while your heart melts
You've been so used to the outside
One day you stopped looking in
Wanna sit in, dropped all of your friends
Got rid of me too like I was one of them
I'm, heartbroken like a crushed pill
Stop taking but I'm numb still
True feelings keep 'em concealed
Yeah it's evident that your love kills
Damn, you treat me bad and you say it's a joke
Times that we had arе the times you don't know werе the best of my life now I'm better alone

[Verse 2]
What is love if it's one sided?
Album sad I'm not excited
All I know is I've been writing I've been typing she still silent
Promised me that I wouldn't fall
Knew God won't get involved
Looking at these last years and I should've seen it coming all along
Guess I'm an idiot life is a movie I started can't finish it
Pardon my innocence hard to be intimate
Sorry for real I just blame it on ignorance
Yeah I can't say I love you I'm searching for synonyms
I've been hating my life and I'm glad you exist in it
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