​to the moon and back alone lyrics


Natalie chavez

Planets collided when I touched your hand
But not in your universe, only in mine
Yeah, the stars combusted when I met your eyes
But those supernovas were unrequited

How many galaxies do I need to earn your gaze?
How many times a day can I think of you 'til it's not okay?
Cause, you sent my heart to outer space

Saw you across the universe, you looked tired and cold and sad
A lonely astronaut walking 'cross a foreign land
And the stars aligned for just one moment, as you spoke to me
And I fеlt the cosmos shake along with a blush across my cheeks

But you felt nothing, causе we're two different planets
With two different orbits
And all the gravitational pull from all existing universes
Will never ever bring me next to you

Cause you're the center of my universe
And I am but a fallen star
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