"Tongue Tied (HiGuys Remix)"

[Verse 1: YUNGBLUD]
Every morning, I ride on a carousel
To the sides of my mind that I cannot help

Had to die in Heaven just to get to Hell
Fell when the lights went out now
My real friends act like they don't know me
This headache’s giving me a nosebleed
My silence is killing me slowly
I can't keep tuning it out and

[Pre-Chorus: YUNGBLUD]
I been suffering
Been makin' friends with all my sins
I need savin’, I need savin'
You won't save me ever again
I'm feeling counterfeit
Been rolling silence 'round my lips
I need savin', I need savin'
You won't save me ever again

[Chorus: YUNGBLUD]
’Cause I feel my life’s been so tongue-tied
I'm trapped outside, inside my mind
If you feel like, that you’re tongue-tied
Then we're tongue-tied together
So can you even hear me now?

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