Minnie Riperton

"f*ck yo love"

Woody had to come I had to bring the pressure up
Baby gotta win Im tryin to pluck her feathers up
Muchi luchi much beat it up go tell he aunt
Black and machi feelin water blessed her she a demon shout lil whoadie he be screaming now
Now they steady peepin now they feedin for the ringing now diamonds water sh*ttin count she freezin like ladesha now she nasty she a freak when she see me she gone eat and then pop a pleek like no b*tch leave when I was broke u gave me mean uh curving and I’m swerving uh bombin lookin urgent aye sly coopin servin aye jeaf hardy flirtin aye stone cold burbin aye Danny Fetcher Curbin gotta blast leave you in the last I position to the past when she touch it bust the gas when she touch it it won’t last take a moment from the gas don’t forget to press the craft

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