I Do This lyrics


Zoot (Artist)

[Verse 1: Zoot]
I do this for me
I do this for you
For every time they wanted me to lose
For the the mom who lost her son a noose
And you ain't even see that sh*t on the news
They lettin us loose
I'm duckin the bullsh*t
You like a goose
I'm makin my lane
I'm changin the game
Like f*ck all the rules
They shooting up schools
But where is the penalty
Where is the symmetry
Where is the same god damn energy
They got no sense of empathy sympathy
I'm on your side, I'm not your enemy
Dodging the bullsh*t just like a bullet
Like the shooter was a redneck with a mullet
Triggered his ass before he could pull it
I don't gotta talk about it I just do it yeah

[Hook 1: Zoot]
I do this for me
I do this for you
I do this for them
I do this for her
I do this for him
I do this for us
[Verse 2: Zoot]
Cause I feel lost
Without no cause
Cause I cannot trust
My trigger might bust
Just like a bubble
Can't get outta my own
I try my best to stay outta trouble
But trouble follow me when I leave my home
So I take what I got and I rather make a double
Livin my life subtle
Gotta go hustle
I gotta go get it
I can't regret it
I know I said it before
But you know it ain't really like that anymore
I had pick my self up from the floor
Don't pick up my cell phone tho I gotta go
My bro in a cell and he might die alone
I know for his birthday he rather be home
The price of a mistake
Everything he spent time on now gone
I saw me a better life I had to choose
But you know my heart still in tehran
Juliet got gun, but I'm romeo and I ain't gonna run
This real life sh*t man I cannot lose
I feel like tom cruise
I do my own stunt
[Hook 2: Zoot]
So I do this for me
I do this for you
I do this for fun
I do this until no job is undone
I do this for everybody and no one
I do this for the goats
From Eminem jay z krs one
These rapper losers
IRS won
Bringing rap justice if I arrest one

[Verse 3: AR Voltage]
Your charge won't stick they callin me teflon
Every single person that's leading me lead on
I pull up with the gang and we bringing the lead on
They told me he a little hard but he big soft
n*ggas so salty I call em epsom
Every time he spit it I give him a big scoff
Every time I hit it I give it a big cough
They be heading out when I'm facing em head on
You claiming you the bomb you finna ticked off
Watch me lift off
Diss me on your timeline get no response
Looking for a high five n*gga get lost
If you think you shine bright you get flicked off
People that left my side might
Regret it whenever I get the recognition from the legends of hip hop
I am not finite
n*gga imma write with the right
Imma write right til my wrist pop
n*gga sit calm
This is not a sit com
They be causing big drama
We making big commas
They call me chris wallace
It's not a biggie but youre killing me smalls
I love it when you call me big poppa
I'm just a skip hop and jump away from the place that you lay
So if you want I'll get it poppin but you big flaunting
n*gga you just a b*tch in a n*gga body
You the opposite of big momma
[Hook 3: AR Voltage]
I do this for I
I do this for my
My team by my side
For all of the tribe
For all of the vibes and all of the hype
The whats and the why's from, all of the wise
Do it for all of the feelings inside
For every negative thought that resides
For anybody who dont think they can rise
For everybody that can hear all the lies
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