"Wine of Ape"

In a room of dark wood
I was feeling pretty good
I was alone, man
Love to be alone, man

Then this sunburn comes up to me, starts telling an honest joke
I live alone, man
Told a dirty joke, man
Oh, this joke, his only joke
And I didn't laugh

So I try to blow it off
He didn't wanna hear none of it
Said I live alone, man
di*k, I live alone, man
Because I was scared

And in my way, I went away. so I didn't stay
And I didn't stay
I ain't no one
I ain't no one

So I get up and walk away
Feel the breath upon my back say
"I'm gonna throw you, gonna f*cking beat you"
And in my way, I went away
I'll be alone, man
I'll be alone, man
All on this day

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