Show restraint in all things
Go to sleep when the sun goes down
Wake up in the morning when it rises
Know yourself, don't know anyone else
You are stuck to rules where you live in principalities

Beware of the system
Be honest with all the victims you need
To covet youth and covet children
In principalities

The palace of wisdom is closed for business
Go find yourself within yourself
The finest marble torso could take all night
A thousand Italian craftsmen working their whole lives
Beyond the ocean there is an island
And it exists in your brainpan
Where most of you are
And if you don’t understand, find another man
Take a punch at his face for your friends
But know that you are all of the finest things
You need to beard the lion
You need to beard that lion
You need to find in yourself
The things off the shelf of principalities

You gotta fill the wine, follow the wire
You follow the wire
Now take your little boyfriends
They didn't understand
All the Italian craftsmen don't hear what they’re saying
They don't understand, feel the wire, there is one
Feel the golden goose flail
Beard the lion, you're by yourself
There is no one else, it's all inside
Look for the wire, the knowledge is there
The knowledge is there, principalities
Look at what we've done, a part of the system
Feel the wine, spill the win
We could all kill one
Your own suicide, they're outside
I'm feeling fine standing outside
You have been denied, it's what we want, the setting sun
Son, I’m having fun in principalities
Let’s get inside

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