Ben Jonson

"A Tale Of a Tub The Persons that Act."

                                   The Persons that Act

CHAM HUGH [Vicar of Pancrass, and Captain Thums.]

SQUIRE TUB [Of Totten-Court, or Squire Tripoly.]

BASKET-HILTS [His Man, and Governor.]

JUST.PREAMBLE [Of Maribone, alias Bramble.]


LADY TUB [Totten, the Squire's Mother.]

POL-MARTEN [Her Huisher: Dido Wisp her Woman.]

TOBIE TURFE [High Constable of Kentish Town.]

Da. SIBIL TURFE [His Wife.]

Mrs. AWDREY TURFE [Their Daughter the Bride.]

JOHN CLAY [Of Kilborn Tile-maker, the appointed Bride Groom.]

IN-AND-IN MEDLAY [Of Islington, Cooper and Headborough.]

RASI.CLENCH [Of Hamsted, Farrier, and petty Constable.]

TO-PAN [Tinker, or Mettal-man of Belsise, Thirdborough.]

D'OGE. SCRIBEN [Of Chalcot, the great writer.]

BALL PUPPY [The high Constable's Man.]

FATHER ROSIN [The Minstrel, and his two Boys.]


MADGE PARNEL [Maids of the Bridal.]


BLACK JACK[The Lady Tub's Butler.]

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