Ben Jonson

"A Tale of a Tub ACT 5. SCENE 6."

Pol-martin, Awdrey, Tub, Lady, Preamble, Turfe,
D. Turfe, Clay.

After the hoping of your pardon, Madam,
For many Faults committed. Here my Wife,
And I do stand, expecting your mild Doom.

I wish thee Joy, Pol-martin; and thy Wife
As much, Mrs. Pol-martin. Thou hast trick'd her
Up very fine, me thinks.

For that, I made
Bold with your Ladyships Wardrobe, but have tres-
Within the limits of your leave —— I hope.

I give her what she wears. I know all Women
Love to be fine. Thou hast deserv'd it of me:
I am extreamly pleas'd with thy good Fortune.
Welcome, good Justice Preamble; And Turfe,
Look merrily on your Daughter: She has married
A Gentleman.

So me thinks. I dare not touch her,
She is so fine: yet I will say, God bless her.

D. Tur.
And I too, my fine Daughter. I could
love her
Now, twice as well, as if Clay had her.

Come, come, my Mother is pleas'd: I pardon all.
Pol-martin, in, and wait upon my Lady.
Welcome good Guests: see Supper be serv'd in,
With all the Plenty of the House, and Worship.
I must confer with Mr. In-and-In,
About some Alterations in my Masque:
Send Hilts out to me; Bid him bring the Council
Of Finsbury hither. I'll have such a night
Shall make the Name of Totten-Court Immortal:
And be Recorded to Posterity.

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